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Cameron's Cool Camp Wordle

Wordle: Untitled

Fitness Testing

From sometime in October up till now, Megan and Connor have been testing kids from Rooms 5, 6 and 7 on their level of fitness. With a long distance run, a beep test, and a treadmill test, it certainly hasn't been easy for us!
The long distance run was a run twice around the field.  It certainly wasn't just a run for fun!  We were all puffed by the time we had finished!

Once all the classes had completed the long distance run,  Room 5 started the beep test.  All you had to do was this. You had to run from one line to the other before the machine went, "beep".  Sounds easy doesn't it but the beeps get closer together and so you have to run faster and faster. You stop when you don't reach the line before the beep and Megan recorded which level you got to.

On the treadmill we had to wear a mask and run for as long as we could while Megan and Connor raised the slope on the treadmill. We had to wear a mask so they could record how fast we were breathing.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forest ways

Steps leading the way through the overgrown forest. 
Birds calling from above. 
From shadow to light.
Leaves dance around me. 
I hear the rushing of the river and the crash of the waterfall. 
The wind blows me about as though playing with me.
I run about and sing along with the birds. 
I run up the winding staircase. 
I look at the fish in the river as they look up at me curiously.
I run to a tree and tell it all my secrets while it listens patiently. 
The trees bend close to me to listen to what I say. 
By Annabelle

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where is it going?

Where is it going?
The trees bend over the track like a cat waiting to pounce.
The mossy grass crawls across the path, leading to nowhere.
The light shines on the step as the shadows eat up the light.
Where is going?

By Ciara

The Boy in the Boat

Surrounded by fog
The moon's reflection danced on the lake
It was quiet as the ripples flowed across the water.
It smelt only of the sharp fresh air.
Nothing moved but the boat
As it glided across the glassy lake.

By Ciara

Monday, November 21, 2011

Swimming pool, Swimming pool

We need a swimming pool at the domain. It will be easier and fun. Just think of going down to the pool after school on a hot day with your friends and take a little dip. Come on people get with me and lets ask for a pool.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Being considerate is lots of fun
Being considerate is for everyone
Being considerate is being kind
Do it to everyone you find.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Power of Words

How do words help?

Friday, October 7, 2011

We need to wear our Bus Vests

This is Georgia's persuasive writing about Bus Vests

Have you ever had a child that goes on the bus but they don’t wear a bus vest? If I had the power I would make sure that all children wear a bus vest going to and from school on their school bus.

Children are not safe if they don’t wear a bus vest on their bus. Bus vests have special reflector bands on them so that if the children are not easy to see car lights will shine on then and it warns car drivers that kids are around and they will slow down.This is especially helpful on wet and misty days when visibility is poor.

If your child’s bus comes home late and your child doesn’t have a bus vest on cars will not see them and you could have a child badly injured, or even worse, killed. But if you have a child that wears a bus vest you will know that they are going to come home safely.

On my school bus, some older childrenand some younger ones are constantly being told by teachers that they have to have a bus vest on.They just don’t know that one day when they have just got off their bus and start their walk along the road in the dark without a bus vest on that they might not make it home as safely as they thought.

Once a boy who lived in the Selwyn District got off his school bus on Collins Road and got hit by a car coming round the back of the bus.That is why Selwyn was one of the first places to get bus vests for school children. If I had the power I would make sure that all children wear a bus vest coming to and from school.

Community Garden

On Friday we went over the community garden with Room 6 and learnt about composting with Alan Jones from Leeston.

Pedestrian Crossing Outside Our School

I think we should have a pedestrian crossing outside our school. This will help keep our students safe going to and from the hall and our school. If you agree and think this is a good idea, please post your vote where it says comments. Please help us to stay road-safe at our school.
Thank you

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ski day

On the 13th of September 2011 I went skiing at Mount Hutt with the senior school. It was such a fun day, we all had a lesson and then most of us went on the chair lift. It was a really great day but we couldn't do this with out the parents who helped us with the transport, thank you very much for taking us. My favourite part of the day was when I went really fast into the bowl.

by Alice T

My Inquiry

In our class we have been doing an Inquiry into The Power of the People.

For example Whina Cooper.

Whina Cooper and the maori land hikoi marched from Te Hapua to Wellington crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Whina an 80 year old marched all the way to Parliament protesting against the use of maori lands. Whina and the protest movement presented a petition signed by 60,000 to Parliament.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camp Dates

Apologies the date for Room 5/6 camp were published wrong in the notice that came home on Friday.

The date for our camp to Spencer Park is
Room 5 - Monday 28 November to Wednesday 30 November
Room 6 - Wednesday 30 November to Friday 2 December

New Tennis Equipment

Tennis on PhotoPeach

Springston School has had the privilege of having Mr Ian Jones coach tennis for the last 13 years. This year Ian has very kindly donated tennis rackets to Springston School enabling the sport to carry on after his lessons.

Ian has also arranged donations of tennis balls from The Frontrunner (Bush Inn Centre) and two anonymous donors as well as portable nets from Ellesmere and Canterbury Tennis Associations.

“Today we had great fun learning new skills and playing tennis but what is even better we can now keep practicing at school.” Alice Thorp.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Springston Ski Trip

We set off at 7:30am to go to Mt Hutt. It was windy road but be finely got there. We went to the ski hire to get our skis, boots and poles. Then we separated into groups of our levels, and off we go to our lessons.
Some people went to the magic carpet and some people went on the chair lifts. We went to grab a quick snack before we hit the slopes. We all were going fast down the slippery, sliddy, slopes. The day went so fast that already it was lunch time lots of people came and had lunch. We all headed back to the slopes and had a lot of fun.
Then it was 3.00pm and everyone put back there ski boats and skis and pools. Final we got in the cars and away we went. Back through the windy road. We eventually we arrived at school where our parents were waiting for us. We had lots of fun !!!!!

Jack's Ski Trip

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ski day

On Tuesday the 13th of September most of the senior school went to Mount Hutt on a skiing trip. It was an awesome view on the way up. When we got to the car park we got our gear on then we went inside to get our boots and our skis and our poles then we all headed off to our lesson. Every lesson went for an hour and a half. Then we got to do anything we wanted, go skiing when we wanted and get food and drink when we wanted. I learnt in my lesson to stop and to turn.
Overall I really enjoyed it.

- Hamish T

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haidee and the Tiger

Haidee's favourite story has a tiger

Harriet You'll Drive Me Wild

I wonder why this was Harriet's favourite book?

Taine's Favourite Book

Here is Taine's review of his favourite book when he was little.

Jayden's Book

Nancy and Eloise

These two book characters are really Anna and Annabelle. 
We have dressed up as Nancy Drew and Eloise. 
Anna dressed up as Nancy Drew because Nancy is a detective, she's really nice, she's a girl, and she solves  every mystery she can find. 
Annabelle dressed up as Eloise because she is a cool character and she has blonde hair like Annabelle. Annabelle likes these books.   

Callum's favourite book

Millie's favorite book

I like Winnie the Witch because when I was little I loved magic and there is lots of magic in these books. In one story Wilbur the cat got turned into a green cat and then he got turned into a colorful cat and then Winnie turned him back into a black cat and then she turned her house into a yellow an orange house. I also liked the illustration. I think they are really great books.

My Favourite Book

Grandma McGarvey Joins the Scrum was my favourite book when I was a child. It is a part of a series. I liked it because of the pictures.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sam's Favourite Book

Jackson's Book

Esther's Favourite Book

Zakai's Favourite Book

Scott's Favourite book


This week is Book Week. We have had some interesting people visit to tell us stories.

Liz Weir and her friend Mitch.

Adrian from Reading Rocks did more than just read he entertained us with juggling.

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William's Homework Picture

This picture was made for homework on odosketch by William

Friday, July 1, 2011


Playing in the pool.
The air is warm and humid. 
Licking an ice block.

Sam's Winter Poem

I am cold at night
it is rugby season now
fun to play in snow

What am I?

I give people Zaps
I come from high clouds like forks
I can kill people

By Jackson.


Winter is freezing
The trees are extremely bare
I am really cold

Taine's Haiku Poem

Haidee's Haiku poem


A lovely warm day
Spending long days at the beach
Hot sun beating down

What am I?

I am an oval
I am used playing a game
I get kicked around

By Cameron


trampoline is fun
watching people having fun
bouncing all day long.

By Callum.S

Winter Haiku poem

Drinking hot chocolate 
Building snowmen in the snow
Sitting by the fire
By Ciara

Hamish T Haiku Poems

Drinking hot chocolate
Like making snowmen in snow
Wrapped up in a rug

What am I?

I am really fat
I have a big trunk
I am really strong


Summer sun is here 
birds are chirping in the air
the sun creates fun

By Harriet


Snowflakes falling down
Whirling swirling everywhere
Kids making snowmen

By Annabelle

What am I?

I am fat and pink
and very very yummy
I am a good pet

By Scott

Harry's hakiu poam


Sunny hot weather 
playing in the swimming pool 
geting a cool tan


Frost is in the air
Children playing in the snow
Running in the snow




Lambs are being born
Watching the daffodils bloom
Smelling the flowers

By Esther 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Haiku Poems

Room 5 have been writing Haiku Poems this week.
This is a form of Japanese poetry which has only three lines.
The form of haiku we have been writing is
1st line has 5 syllables
2nd line has 7 syllables
3rd line has 5 syllables.

We hope you enjoy our poems.

2011's Fun Run

2011's Fun Run on PhotoPeach

Hamish's Electricity Wordle

Wordle: Untitled


Sun is coming up
saying good bye to snow flakes
missing hot chocolate


Leaves falling off the trees
Falling leaves blow in the wind
Autumn is a mess 


Making a snowman
Drinking hot chocolate inside
It’s warm and toasty

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading

Reading, Reading, Reading on PhotoPeach

In Team Venture we are focusing on reading. We are really enjoying trying new books. Can you suggest any good books for us to read.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Nickolai of the North!!!

This is a fantasy book and it is about a boy growing up to be Santa Clause.
The title is called Nikolai of the North by Lucy Daniel Raby.

One Midwinters Eve a miracle happened at the North Pole. Only Nickolai and the last elf is saved. It is a thrilling story.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the Banks of Plum Creek

Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Series: Little House
Characters:Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Baby Carrie, Jack (the dog)
This book is about Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Baby Carrie and Jack the dog move from the prairie to a different house on the banks of plum creek.
I haven’t read very far into this book but I have really enjoyed this book so far and have enjoyed the other three books in the series that I have read. I give this series 5/5.
These are the other books in the series.
Little House in the Big Woods
Farmer Boy
Little House on the Prairie
On the Banks of Plum Creek
By the Shores of Sliver Lake
The Long Winter
These Happy Golden Years
The First Four Years

Whale Pot Bay

This is a book written by Des Hunt. Its about a young boy called Jake teaching a famous song writer how to surf. One day they see a whale at Whale Pot Bay. I haven`t got far through the book but it is the best book I have ever read! You will like this book if you like adventure stories or if you like animals. I give this book 5/5.

The Prince in Waiting

England is home to Luke, a young man. Right now is a time of dwarfs, erupting volcanoes, and fighting. Luke is disappointed when he does not make it into the Contest, so when young Matthew Grant is taken ill with a fever, Luke realizes that he will be the one fighting instead. Don’t read this if you get scared a lot. It is full of adventure and excitement, a great story for nine years to young adults. I rate this 4/5.

Ben and Mark Book Review

I like Ben and Mark because they own the biggest farm in the South Island. They have 7 gates up there drive way. It takes them 45 mins get to their house from the road.
I think people that like adventures would like to read this. You will find this book in the school library.

Diary of the Wimpy Kid

My book is called Diary of the Wimpy Kid.

It is a book about comedy and a little adventure. It is all about one boy who always wants to be rich and famous when he grows up and he always wants to be popular at his High School.

I know it is so cool and really fun to read. It is also a New York Times best seller and the author is Jeff Kinney. I give this 5/5

Geronimo Stilton The Quest For Paradise

I Geronimo Stilton, never expected to return to the Kingdom of Fantasy. But when I received a letter from Blossom,the Queen of Fairies,asking for my help,I had to respond. By trying to get the heart of happiness.
I like this book because it is a good adventure book. I would recommend to someone who likes a adventure book. I like it because it comes with things like the land of chocolate,the land of ogres,the land of gold and a lot more. I rate this book 4/5.

Diary of a wimpy kid.........Rodrick Rules

This is a good book, I give it 5/5.

Greg has an older brother named Rodrick who like's annoying Greg. And Greg's little brother Manny is little and is just like Rodrick at times. Greg has a best friend named Rowley and Manny likes annoying them when Rowley is staying at Gregs. Rodrick is in a band with his friends and they have their own band van.

This book would be good for people who like funny and comedy type stories!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rugby Fun Day

Last Friday children from Room 5 and 6 went on a Rugby Fun Day. We left before lunch and had to play 3 games.

For the Year 6 - Our first game was against Kirwee - we won 32 to 0. Our second game was against Bromley the score being 50 to 5. Our last game was against Leeston which we won 79 to 0 which was our best game. In the Year 6 Rugby team were Taine, Hamish T, Hamish A, Harry, Callum S, Callum V, Rubi, Jack M, Jack T and the whole team would like to say a big thank you to Anton and Craig who were our coaches and another thank you to all the parents who took us all to the Rugby.

Taine, Hamish and Harry

Our Year 5 team was Cameron M, George, Jack B, Jack G, Macaulay, Hamish, Ethan, Ben, William, Jackson, Sam.At the rugby we played Leeston, Harewood and Fernside. We won one, drew one and lost one. We had a great time and got a chance to practice our skills. At the end of the day we got a crusaders flag and poster. A big thank you to all the practice coaches - Anton, Alistair and Mike. Also a special thank you to Alistair for coaching on the day and thanks to all parents who helped transport and support us.

Macaulay, George and Jack B

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Super Skipping

Super Skipping on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Rail Trail

The rail trail was 20 kms long. There were lots of cattle stops. First of all I was scared to go over them, but soon I started to enjoy them. When we had finished, we were all tired and happy to have to lunch.
By Alice M

Science Experiment

On the first week of the term we had science with Mrs Taylor as part of Power on Power off!
We also used some real equipment to investigate circuits.
After the experiment we learnt the symbols for equipment used in science.

Rail Trail

The Little River Rail Trail was a great experience for Room 5 and Room 6. We all had the best of fun but were very tired by the end of the bike ride.