Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fitness Testing

From sometime in October up till now, Megan and Connor have been testing kids from Rooms 5, 6 and 7 on their level of fitness. With a long distance run, a beep test, and a treadmill test, it certainly hasn't been easy for us!
The long distance run was a run twice around the field.  It certainly wasn't just a run for fun!  We were all puffed by the time we had finished!

Once all the classes had completed the long distance run,  Room 5 started the beep test.  All you had to do was this. You had to run from one line to the other before the machine went, "beep".  Sounds easy doesn't it but the beeps get closer together and so you have to run faster and faster. You stop when you don't reach the line before the beep and Megan recorded which level you got to.

On the treadmill we had to wear a mask and run for as long as we could while Megan and Connor raised the slope on the treadmill. We had to wear a mask so they could record how fast we were breathing.

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