Monday, October 24, 2011

The Power of Words

How do words help?

Friday, October 7, 2011

We need to wear our Bus Vests

This is Georgia's persuasive writing about Bus Vests

Have you ever had a child that goes on the bus but they don’t wear a bus vest? If I had the power I would make sure that all children wear a bus vest going to and from school on their school bus.

Children are not safe if they don’t wear a bus vest on their bus. Bus vests have special reflector bands on them so that if the children are not easy to see car lights will shine on then and it warns car drivers that kids are around and they will slow down.This is especially helpful on wet and misty days when visibility is poor.

If your child’s bus comes home late and your child doesn’t have a bus vest on cars will not see them and you could have a child badly injured, or even worse, killed. But if you have a child that wears a bus vest you will know that they are going to come home safely.

On my school bus, some older childrenand some younger ones are constantly being told by teachers that they have to have a bus vest on.They just don’t know that one day when they have just got off their bus and start their walk along the road in the dark without a bus vest on that they might not make it home as safely as they thought.

Once a boy who lived in the Selwyn District got off his school bus on Collins Road and got hit by a car coming round the back of the bus.That is why Selwyn was one of the first places to get bus vests for school children. If I had the power I would make sure that all children wear a bus vest coming to and from school.

Community Garden

On Friday we went over the community garden with Room 6 and learnt about composting with Alan Jones from Leeston.

Pedestrian Crossing Outside Our School

I think we should have a pedestrian crossing outside our school. This will help keep our students safe going to and from the hall and our school. If you agree and think this is a good idea, please post your vote where it says comments. Please help us to stay road-safe at our school.
Thank you

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ski day

On the 13th of September 2011 I went skiing at Mount Hutt with the senior school. It was such a fun day, we all had a lesson and then most of us went on the chair lift. It was a really great day but we couldn't do this with out the parents who helped us with the transport, thank you very much for taking us. My favourite part of the day was when I went really fast into the bowl.

by Alice T

My Inquiry

In our class we have been doing an Inquiry into The Power of the People.

For example Whina Cooper.

Whina Cooper and the maori land hikoi marched from Te Hapua to Wellington crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Whina an 80 year old marched all the way to Parliament protesting against the use of maori lands. Whina and the protest movement presented a petition signed by 60,000 to Parliament.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camp Dates

Apologies the date for Room 5/6 camp were published wrong in the notice that came home on Friday.

The date for our camp to Spencer Park is
Room 5 - Monday 28 November to Wednesday 30 November
Room 6 - Wednesday 30 November to Friday 2 December

New Tennis Equipment

Tennis on PhotoPeach

Springston School has had the privilege of having Mr Ian Jones coach tennis for the last 13 years. This year Ian has very kindly donated tennis rackets to Springston School enabling the sport to carry on after his lessons.

Ian has also arranged donations of tennis balls from The Frontrunner (Bush Inn Centre) and two anonymous donors as well as portable nets from Ellesmere and Canterbury Tennis Associations.

“Today we had great fun learning new skills and playing tennis but what is even better we can now keep practicing at school.” Alice Thorp.