Friday, October 7, 2011

We need to wear our Bus Vests

This is Georgia's persuasive writing about Bus Vests

Have you ever had a child that goes on the bus but they don’t wear a bus vest? If I had the power I would make sure that all children wear a bus vest going to and from school on their school bus.

Children are not safe if they don’t wear a bus vest on their bus. Bus vests have special reflector bands on them so that if the children are not easy to see car lights will shine on then and it warns car drivers that kids are around and they will slow down.This is especially helpful on wet and misty days when visibility is poor.

If your child’s bus comes home late and your child doesn’t have a bus vest on cars will not see them and you could have a child badly injured, or even worse, killed. But if you have a child that wears a bus vest you will know that they are going to come home safely.

On my school bus, some older childrenand some younger ones are constantly being told by teachers that they have to have a bus vest on.They just don’t know that one day when they have just got off their bus and start their walk along the road in the dark without a bus vest on that they might not make it home as safely as they thought.

Once a boy who lived in the Selwyn District got off his school bus on Collins Road and got hit by a car coming round the back of the bus.That is why Selwyn was one of the first places to get bus vests for school children. If I had the power I would make sure that all children wear a bus vest coming to and from school.

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