Friday, November 19, 2010

William's Voki

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Anton's Earthquake question reply

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Billy's Voki on reading

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Dean's swimming voki

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sour Worm poems with similes

Sour worms:
They look like an elastic band dusted
with snow like a mountain top.
They smell like lemon and orange,
like a flower in the garden.
They taste like an explosion
of sugar and sourness
that makes me scream.
By Isabel W

Sour Worm poems with similes

Sour Worms Poem!

Sour worms are yummy,
They look sugary, colourful,
and ridged like a mountain.
If you smell a sour worm it smells weird.
It is sweet and it catches your breath.

If you eat a sour worm it tastes like this.
It makes you have dry lips sometimes.
It is like you have an explosion in your mouth.
It is like smooth Jelly.
Esther S

Sour Worm poems with similes

Look like snow flakes, crystal clear
sitting on top of a mountain ridge
like they are waiting for the
next snow fall to come.
Smell like freshly picked apples
straight off the tree
for cooking up for apple sauce.
Taste like a spicy gooeyness
sticking to my teeth
exploding like a kicking horse
in a starting box.
By Tessa E Room 5 Year 6

Friday, November 5, 2010

Soap Carving

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Last week we had Miles Kau Kau come and teach us how to carve soap. We did a Maori design for our parents. It had little designs on it to represent our family.
By Tessa E Room 5 Year 6

Pet Day

On the 3rd of November,  Springston School's pet day was held.  It was heaps of fun with games, pets to see and ponies to ride.
There were lots of parents and younger brothers and sisters who came to have a look.  We also had visitors from the old people's home.  They loved the animals.

There was dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, horses and lots more. There were happy people and proud people but most of all -  smiles.

In the end it was a great day and thank-you to Miss Singleton and Mrs Taylor for organizing pet day 2010.  It was a great and successful day.

By Tessa E Room 5 Year 6 

Pet day

Izaac's novelty pet came 1st prize! You might have noticed a skull in the background which was lunch for the Tarantula!  

This is Freddie and Williams dog Merlin.