Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Springston Ski Trip

We set off at 7:30am to go to Mt Hutt. It was windy road but be finely got there. We went to the ski hire to get our skis, boots and poles. Then we separated into groups of our levels, and off we go to our lessons.
Some people went to the magic carpet and some people went on the chair lifts. We went to grab a quick snack before we hit the slopes. We all were going fast down the slippery, sliddy, slopes. The day went so fast that already it was lunch time lots of people came and had lunch. We all headed back to the slopes and had a lot of fun.
Then it was 3.00pm and everyone put back there ski boats and skis and pools. Final we got in the cars and away we went. Back through the windy road. We eventually we arrived at school where our parents were waiting for us. We had lots of fun !!!!!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! But you have me wondering - WHAT is a magic carpet doing on a ski field?



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