Friday, August 3, 2012

Ellie's Homework

Dear Lauren Boyle
I woke up one morning excited to know that you were in the finals for swimming.  It was important to eat my breakfast fast as Mum wouldn’t let me turn on the TV till I was ready for school.  This meant the chickens had to be done, my hair had to be done, all before 7.07 am.  
Finally I could turn on the TV and there you were coming out in your grey tracksuit with the New Zealand fern standing out for everyone to see.  I can’t imagine how nervous you were because I was feeling nervous for you.  Suddenly the starter went bang, off you dived.  Mum kept on asking me what lane is the New Zealand girl in.  I was getting fed up with Mum because I had to keep telling her lane 6, lane 6.  I was so proud that you got into the final and tried you best.  GO NEW ZEALAND, GO!



  1. Good Writting Ellie. Keep up the Good work!!

  2. thanks Emily. I think you mean good writing! not writting!!



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