Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This week for homework we have been practicing our writing skills and getting feedback from people. Getting feedback helps us improve our skills. Mya and Fran have sent me two pieces of writing this week (thanks Mya and Fran). Can you give them some feedback about their writing. Remember we like to here what is good and what we can improve on.


Bella is a soft and gentle cat, but a hunter too.
Bella means beautiful in French.
This little girl is a black cat with white splodges.
Her green eyes are like jewels with black slits.
She is the best cat a human could have.

Book Review: The 39 Clues
The best books I have read are the 39 clues series. This is the story of an eleven year old boy (Dan), and his sister (Amy), on a hunt for the 39 clues. Unfortunately, others are also looking for the 39 clues, and some of them are trained agents. With the help of their dead grandmother, Dan and Amy find their way into first place.
This book has a big vocabulary and lets you imagine all you want. It is suitable for both boys and girls but will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Imagine a Butterfly with eight wings
Imagine a spider with four legs
Imagine an Elephant as weak as a Mouse
Imagine a Mouse as strong as an Elephant
Imagine a human that lives under water
Imagine an Octopus that lives on land
Imagine a soldier covered in fur
Imagine a Dog covered in skin
Imagine flying in green sky
Imagine walking on blue grass
Look at all these weird  Possibilities 

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