Friday, March 30, 2012

Clive the dragon

Welcome to Room Five and our guardian Clive. 
Clive is a dragon who arrived in a wagon drinking a flagon of fizzy.
He has a scaly head and can breathe fire.
His body is a slither so don't dither and come on in. 
But before you open the door - just so you don't burn, 
make sure you are ready to learn!
Clive is a rainbow dragon
Rainbow dragons have lots of different coloured scales.
Rainbow dragons guard classrooms. They will not let anybody inside the classroom that is not ready to learn.
Rainbow dragons magical powers are breathing fire and helping people learn.
These dragons know the value of learning.


  1. Clive is an amazing reminder every time we walk past. He reminds us to be ready to learn. We hope that his magical powers float through to help the E-Team learn too!

  2. This is an amazing piece of writing that reallt builds a picture in the mind of the reader. Well done! Liz.


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