Monday, February 6, 2012

Paper Planes

At school we are making paper planes and measuring how far they can fly. We will investigate a variety of designs and experiment to see which planes fly the furthest. We will measure how far our planes fly using the standard measures of metre and cm, compare results and have a flying competition.

To help out, please investigate some things you could try to improve the design of your plane.

You may find the following links helpful: variety of simple planes made from A4 paper with clear instructions  - detailed instructions on how to make an elaborate paper plane -  a variety of simple planes with clear instructions

Happy flying

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  1. 16 February 2012
    Today we held our air show. The winning plane made by Ethan flew a staggering 7.2m. Congratulations Ethan.
    Well done everyone in Rm5 for all the effort you put into learning about measuring distance and your paper planes.


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