Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exercising Questionnaire

We would like to ask PEOPLE WHO EXERCISE REGULARLY a few questions for our inquiry because we need the information so we can answer our big question. We hope you can POST US A COMMENT below, and answer our three questions.
Do you have a special diet when you are training?
Do you increase the food you eat when you are competing?
And when you are exercising what is the best food which keeps you going?
Thank you for your time for answering our questions.

From Alice T and Georgia G


  1. I eat reasonably healthy while training, quite a lot of fruit and vegetables. I exercise to stay healthy so eating well is part of being healthy.

    I don't increase my food but if I am truely hungry I will eat a bit more but keeping my weight down helps me perform well, I don't want to be or feel heavy as you lose the spring in your stride running.

    I find protein helps keep me feel full but I usually eat a banana to keep me going as it is a carbohydrate which releases energy. Chocolate bars like moros and energy bars release their energy very quickly and can leave you feeling flat/out of energy.

    Hope those answers help you guys!

  2. It sounds like you are interested in people who are training for an endurance event like Ironman. I train at my gym 3 times a week just to keep fit. On those days I try to have carbs for lunch like pasta or rice because this seems to sustain me through to the end of working day, my workout and get me home by 6pm. I learnt about carbs being a good source of energy when I trained for a half marathon about 7 years ago. I also make sure I eat my 5+ a day everyday. I never increase how much I eat. I wander if Ironmen do! Ironman is held in the town I live in and they all go to a dinner the night before the event. The dinner is a called a Carb Loading dinner. I think that is okay for endurance but not for a daily gym bunny like myself. Good luck with your Inquiry.

  3. 1. No- Just keep everything in balance
    2. Bit more carbs - pasta and rice- Oh and more bananas!
    3. I like dried cranberries. Heaps of water.
    (I walk half marathons at a fairly quick pace)

  4. Dear Team Enterprise
    I exercise regularly, but I don't 'train', so I hope my answers still help you.
    I like to walk nearly every day, for at least half and hour.
    I don't have a special diet linked to my exercise, but I do like to try to have protein at most meals, eat plenty of fruit and veges, and I limit my bread intake because I feel healthier that way.
    I think protein is important because it makes me feel fuller for longer, and it's better then 'empty' foods like cakes and biscuits.

    Good luck with your big question.
    from Mrs McKenzie

  5. And when you are exercising what is the best food which keeps you

    Yes, every single day I usually do something that involves exercising, like running, stretching, or playing a sport(Which I do every single day of the week besides Fridays). When a game is coming up or a competition, I usually train myself to eat healthy foods or eat less then I usually do when the sports season is off. Fruit and vegetables are best for me when I am doing exercise or a sport.

    Good Luck!,

  6. 1. I Usually eat a lot of carb's
    2. Not usually. I'll keep my weight down for pull ups
    3. Carrots. For some reason, it keeps me motivated
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  7. 1)No. But I regularly eat.
    2)Sometimes. It maders what kind of competion it is.
    3)I like to eat fruit and some thing that has sugar.
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